Indonesian forestry certifcation boosts wooden products trade in global market

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesian Forestry Certifcation Cooperation (IFCC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certifcation (PEFC), can strengthen the role of Timber Legality and Verifcation System (SVLK) to boost forest and derivatives products trade globally.

The IFCC/ PEFC, which includes forest certifcation and chain of custody in the forest industry, provides a wider selection for Industrial Plantation Forest players to obtain voluntary certifcates, Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Forests (APHI) Indroyono Susilo here on Friday said.

"For export-oriented industries, the implementation of IFCC scheme should be encouraged," Indroyono added.

The Industrial Plantation Forest will become a foundation for the future of forestry which is in line with the decline in supply capacity of natural forests, according to him.

Therefore, the Association of Indonesian Forests is encouraging the development of forest production in cross-ministries and agencies.

The FCC / PEFC certifcation can be developed because it has unique values compared to other certifcations, Executive Director of the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAPKI) Fadhil Hasan said.

The PEFC provides an authority to each member country to defne the sustainable forest management scheme according to the conditions of the country, he added.

"This distinguishes PEFC from any other certifcation. The PEFC respects forest governance applied in each member state, though it still requires other strict rules that should be met by every country," he said.

The scheme applied in IFCC / PEFC is very fair, according to Fadhil.

In future the organization will develop certifcation for peoples forests without having to pay, Chairman of the Indonesian Forestry Certifcation Cooperation (IFCC) Dradjad Hari Wibowo said.

"We want to help craftsmen and furniture industries develop their market. As a pilot project for the development of peoples forest certifcation, IFCC will focus its work in West Java, Central Java and Bali. These three areas are handicrafts and furniture industrial base export markets that need to be promoted and enhanced," Dradjad said.(*)

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