Logo Use

The IFCC and PEFC logo / label provide information relating to the origin of forest based product in sustainably managed forest, recycled and other non-controversial sources. Purchasers and potential purchasers can use this information in choosing the product based on environmental, as well as other considerations.

The IFCC Logo is a registered trademark owned by IFCC. The PEFC Logo is a registered trademark owned by the PEFC Council. The IFCC and PEFC Logo can only be used based on a valid license issued by IFCC and the PEFC authorised body in Indonesia.

For PEFC Logo Use in Indonesia, please kindly find the following steps :

  1. Logo User shall complete the Application for IFCC PEFC Logo Use License, include all the documents required for application.
  2. Logo User shall sign the PEFC & IFCC Logo Use contract with IFCC and use the PEFC Logo with the License Number for Indonesia.